10 of the Easiest Presentation Hacks

1. Audience attention levels peak after a presenter uses humor, moves closer to the audience, or begins to talk off script.

2. 10-20-30 Rule – This rule, idealized by Guy Kawaski, states that no presentation should have more than 10 slides, last any longer than 20 minutes, and have no text less than 30 point font.

3. Consistent eye contact makes you appear more competent to your audience. 

4. At the 30 minute mark, audience attention levels begin to drop off dramatically. 

5. Learn to summarize your idea in 15 words or less. If you can condense your idea, you can better convey your thoughts and elaborate on your points.

6. Audience engagement levels are highest (92%), if the attendees do most of the talking and lowest (78%) if the presenter does most of the talking.

7. Appeal to emotions. Countless studies have proven that people place more attention and trust in a speaker when they play to the audience’s emotions, instead of relying on dry statements and facts. The best way to appeal to emotion? Stories. Great speakers will always use metaphors, quips, and stories to engage their audiences.

8. Presentations that contain animations distract from the presenter and make it harder for the audience to remember content, as opposed to slides with simple visuals.

9. Acknowledge the audience – “great question” and “I’m glad you asked me that” are ways to make your audience feel relevant, engaged and create better understanding.  

10. Do not apologize for any incompetence, nervousness, or to humble yourself. But mostly, DO NOT be late (then, you can apologize)! 

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