Case Study: Cyber adAPT & ConceptDrop

“Since I started using [ConceptDrop], I’ve told everyone about them!… I don’t have many people that I recommend. I have high standards.”
-Marketing/PR Consultant at Cyber adAPT, Kailani Joy

Cyber adAPT is turning real-world, threat intelligence into actionable detection capabilities that find more attacks faster than any other solution. Their efficient system allows their customers to avoid compromises and expand enterprises with greater confidence.

The Challenge

It soon became too much for Cyber adAPT to manage the increasing demand for marketing materials on their own. Lacking the bandwidth and design skill level on their own team, Cyber adAPT deferred to outsourcing to an external professional for help. After finding a consultant, Cyber adAPT soon realized their turnaround times were not quick enough to meet their needs. Thus, when receiving an email from ConceptDrop, the timing could not have been more perfect.

The Solution

After just one project submission, Cyber adAPT saw the value of our services. Impressed with our “self-service platform”, they were ready to submit additional projects. Since then, ConceptDrop has designed a variety of projects for Cyber adAPT, many completed within 24-48 hours. Other work includes white papers, logos, flyers, and infographics. After a few more submissions, our matching technology then paired Cyber adAPT with freelancers in which they had a great experience with in the past. These individuals were familiar with Cyber adAPT’s branding, which resulted in “clean, simple, digestible deliverables” every time.

The Result: An Ongoing Partnership

By partnering with ConceptDrop, Cyber adAPT found the “extended hands” of their team. Our freelancers created professionally designed marketing materials which provided Cyber adAPT the ability to convey concise messaging to their clients. The collateral designed by ConceptDrop freelancers has been external facing, allowing clients to see Cyber adAPT as a professional they can trust.

“Clients see us as a professional and [a company] they can trust through the collateral we’ve created through ConceptDrop.”

Their Advice:

“The more you put into the project brief the more you’ll get out.”

Lacking bandwidth or resources in certain areas of expertise? Get in touch with a member of our team to discover how we can pair you with an experienced freelancer for your design or copywriting needs today. Request a demo today!


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