Case Study: ReturnRunners & ConceptDrop

“[ConceptDrop] allows me to offload tasks that fall outside of my area of expertise, so I can focus on other core areas of my business.”
-CEO of ReturnRunners, Fara Alexander

ReturnRunners is an on-demand service that returns unwanted items for you. By downloading their app, users are paired with a local “Runner” who will pick up the merchandise and make the desired return(s) on behalf of the customer. Pick-ups occur when and where the customer requests and updates are sent throughout the entire return process–including a confirmation receipt once the job has been completed.


The Challenge:

As a startup, ReturnRunners found they didn’t have the budget to staff a full-time designer and were wasting time on tasks that fell outside their areas of expertise. They began to search for freelancers through Google but found there were challenges of trust, control, and quality assurance when outsourcing design and copywriting projects. ReturnRunners was in need of a service that could quickly turnaround high-quality assets, such as flyers and postcards while remaining within their budget.

The Solution:

After discovering ConceptDrop through a personal connection, ReturnRunners was able to hand over multiple design projects that needed immediate attention–first and foremost, a logo for their company. ConceptDrop’s platform instantly matched this startup with a professional freelancer who was able to design the clean, elegant logo mark showcased above.  Fara and her team found that the process of submitting projects was seamless and their business was running smoother than ever before.

“ConceptDrop’s team understood exactly what we needed, and how to convey attributes of our brand in a visual way.”

The Result:

Since then, ReturnRunners and ConceptDrop have, side-by-side, produced a variety of sales and marketing collateral–from tradeshow banners and investor decks to flyers and informational 4×6 cards. Our reliable and easy-to-use platform allowed ReturnRunners to create the materials they needed to grow their business.


Their Advice:

“If you have something you need designed, hand it off to a professional who will get it done in a fraction of the time that you would.”

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