There’s a New Way to Take Notes: Awesome Note

Are you looking for a new note-taking app? One that is as inspiring as it is functional? Then check out Awesome Note, an “all-in-one” organizing app.

According to Apple, Awesome Note is more than just a note-taking app. Rather, it acts as a calendar, alarm, to-do list, and has space to write multiple kinds of memos. Awesome Note will let you schedule errands, list tasks, and use the app as a writing mechanism to record creative prose or diary-like entries. The app fuses note-taking with scheduling. It will notify you about a friend’s birthday or an appointment through its reminder feature and will inform you of due dates for time-sensitive projects. One customer reviewer, ANBrooklyn, had this to say about Awesome Note: “Love this app – it syncs with everything you need to remember, birthdays (via Facebook and Google calendar), tasks, appointments, etc. And reminders are a breeze…when something is due, it’s right in front of you until you check it off.”

Perhaps one of the best features of Awesome Note is its design. The app resembles a real schedule calendar, housing several folders that you can label or color-code. What really makes the app stand out from other note-taking applications is that it adjusts to other accounts. The Huffington Post describes this highlight, saying, “The app also syncs with Google Drive and Evernote, which is especially useful if you share a lot of information with family or co-workers. It works offline as well, so it’s handy on the road. And when you connect back on, you can easily data transfer via Bluetooth or backup everything over Wi-Fi as well. Syncing is a bit troublesome, though. When I used the Wi-Fi backup/restore feature, some notes were duplicated. Overall, though, it functions well.

While Awesome Note does have a fee of $3.99, it can assist you with time-management (though we also have our own suggestions of how to best manage your time in our post “Fastest Way of Catching Up Post-Thanksgiving) while letting you get creative with the way you organize your professional and personal projects.

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