4 Reasons to Outsource Design

When it comes to certain projects, do you hire in-house employees or do you seek out external experts to complete the work? Outsourcing means that a project is contracted to a party outside of a company’s staff. While it may seem intuitive to utilize employees at a company, outsourcing can actually lower costs and increase productivity. At ConceptDrop, we see the value in outsourcing graphic design and copywriting which is why we match companies with a freelancer ready to take on any creative tasks in a timely manner. Here are our top reasons why outsourcing graphic design and copywriting are worth your time and money.

Obtain a Creative Outlook

By hiring someone outside of your company, you are receiving the benefit of gaining an outside, expert perspective. An outsourced individual can provide a “thinking outside of the box” point of view and creative solutions from a fresh perspective. As explained in our blog post “Why Hire a Freelancer?,” “Quality of work shouldn’t be in question when it comes to freelancers because many have experience working with a variety of companies across many industries, resulting in […] refreshing perspectives.”  By outsourcing a task, you are delegating the job to someone who can give their full attention to the work without the distraction of other responsibilities at a company.

Reduce Costs

Another benefit of outsourcing design and other creative tasks is the lower cost for higher quality work. This type of work allows organizations to only pay for the actual hours worked. Setting an annual budget for design projects outsourced from an external company on an as-needed basis could be significantly cheaper than the salaries of full-time employees with these skills. The needs of your company are still being met but at a much lower cost.

Additionally, lacking advanced and updated technology along with specific design applications is a great incentive for outsourcing because buying such tools can be incredibly expensive. The cost of acquiring these resources through third-parties may appear low, but there are hidden costs in maintaining internal assets, such as attrition, changing priorities, lack of support, expansion, and contraction. Delegating technology responsibilities to individuals with design expertise allows companies to avoid high-cost programs.

Gain Professionalism

Most design programs require some professional proficiency. Using a third-party company to fulfill a specific job can often be less expensive than hiring a new professional or performing the task in-house. Commissioning an expert provides a company with institutional knowledge. While this is possible in-house, it simply takes much more time and work to find someone with that particular expertise. By outsourcing, a company can avoid complicated technological learning curves.

Free Up Your Workload

It’s not uncommon for employees at a company to be at capacity for taking on more work. By delegating time-consuming work to external sources, companies are able to focus more adequately on internal projects. For example, hiring a professional handle leaves a marketing team with much more time to focus on insights, messaging, and content. There is an opportunity cost for every hour that an internal employee spends building creative. Outsourcing can greatly enhance productivity by allowing employees to focus on tasks that fall under the domain of their expertise.

There are many other reasons outsourcing is beneficial to a company. Forbes claims that outsourcing can help a company learn what kind of employee they would like to hire rather than hiring based on interviews alone. Outsourcing can also achieve short-term goals in a quicker time period. Forbes sites Todd Earwood of MoneyPath Marketing who claims when it comes to outsourcing, “Optimize your time where it’s best spent and leverage external expertise to fill the gaps.” Organizations can accelerate their collective output when each employee is happy and focused on tasks where they have formal training or education. The end result is a company with less wasted time and a more engaged workforce overall.

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