The Best Types of Video Content Ideas [Part 2]

In [Part 1], we’ve shared video content ideas in creating one and gave you the first six examples of different types of video content; So now, let’s continue to reveal more types of video content in the second part.

Here are more types of video content ideas that you should consider.

1. Case Studies: Magnus Method

Magnus Lygdback, an actor who has prepared Gal Gadot for action and superhero movies, has created The Magnus Method, a fitness app and course which became popular.

2. Interviews: Leveling Up

This channel combines entrepreneur interviews with Eric and Neil Patel’s Marketing School podcast episodes. This is a great illustration of a B2B business channel run by a single host.

3. User-Generated Content: GoPro

For its contests, GoPro is well-known for allowing customers to submit videos of grand adventures. UGC videos are entertaining but involve case studies using a GoPro camera. A few of their videos are collaborations with athletes and content creators, but they also have a popular video competition.

4. Pain Point How-Tos: Neil Patel/Ubersuggest

Neil Patel has a successful YouTube channel contributing to his marketing tool, Ubersuggest. His video channel has changed from how-to tutorials with different tools and tips, and strategies you can use with Ubersuggest to boost your marketing.

5. Q&A: Kopywriting Kourse

The Kopywriting Kourse was founded by Neville Medhora, a well-known blogger in recent years. However, he has only recently experienced success on YouTube. Most of his content is frequently mixed Q&As with guests with how-to and tip videos from the host.

woman holding her phone while watching

6. Testimonials: Conversion Rate Experts

Conversion Rate Experts is a great company that uses video testimonials on its website. Since keeping them on their website will help persuade people to consider converting, they decided against hosting these videos on YouTube.

7. Product Tips: AppSumo

AppSumo is a software affiliate site. You can advertise a deal on your software through their website, and they’ll promote it to their intended audience. As a result, having a YouTube channel with various entrepreneurial tips makes sense.

8. Interactive Webinars: Chatfuel

They are a messenger bot company that assists businesses in increasing Facebook messenger engagement. It’s not surprising that chatbots offer a variety of tutorials and webinar videos explaining how to use the product, given that they can be challenging to set up.

9. Personal Experience: Garry Tan

Garry Tan was a Y Combinator investor previously and had a wealth of experience and wisdom to offer founders. He had a variety of video formats. His first three videos were these three, which are all distinct (interview, story, and tips).

10.Behind-The-Scene: Victoria’s Secret

Behind-the-scenes footage and vlog-style videos with their models have been some of their most popular. If you run an e-commerce business, consider adding more behind-the-scenes videos to your YouTube channel because viewers adore them.

11.360°/VR: National Geographic

The popularity of virtual reality (VR) is on the rise. While 360° videos aren’t ready to provide a full-fledged VR experience through video content, they’re still a good substitute. It is an excellent format if your content is academic or you want to give your viewers a unique adventure.


With excellent video content ideas that recognize your brand, audience, and goals, you can begin creating video content that provides real value to your viewers.

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