The Essential Facts About Press Release [Part 3]

In the second part, we discussed a lot about press release, such as how it works and determining their types and characteristics. 

So be ready for our last part because we will share some purposes, elements & format, and examples about press releases.

What Is A Press Release’s Purpose?

A press release promotes a company, product, or event through media publicity. Businesses use it for free to raise awareness, generate leads, and boost sales. 

Press releases are one of the most effective ways to get a story published in several media channels that seems natural and appeals to the target audience. When done effectively, a press release can assist the business reach its marketing and earned media goals.

The Elements & Formats Of A Press Release

Traditionally, a press release has the following elements:

1. Logo

Company logo releasing a press release. It indicates the release’s source. Journalists may easily include a 200×200 pixel logo from a business.

2. Contact Information

Press release writer’s name, email, and phone number. Media representatives can contact them for more information.

3. Release Date And Dateline

The press release date is in the dateline. It’s usually used before the title to indicate whether the company wants its press release published immediately or later.

4. Headline

A captivating headline that matches the press release. It seeks media attention in six words or fewer. For headlines, use a 14-point bold font and center it.

5. Subheadline

A secondary headline with press release details. It expands on the headline. It is typically 120 characters and put underneath the headline.

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6. Place Stamp And Date

Press releases start with a date and location. The press release’s city and date are stamped on it. These are bolded or capitalized before the main body.

7. Introduction

The press release’s introduction is the most important. Answers the story’s who, what, where, when, and why. This paragraph is single-spaced, 12-point Arial or Times New Roman, and factual.

8. Body

Body paragraphs expand the story. They follow the AP style and incorporate company statements, data, and statistics in 300–400 words.

9. Boilerplate

The boilerplate covers the company’s background, mission statement, and contact information. The press release ends with it so media outlets may discover it.

10. Media Contact

The end note, or media contact, handles media inquiries for the company. Press releases usually include this information following the boilerplate.

Some Examples Of Press Releases

Here is some insight about their press releases:

1. Blackberry Partnership With Baidu

Blackberry’s partnership with Baidu, the biggest search engine in China, is a model of successful collaboration. The press release covers all the important information, including what the relationship would entail, quotes from both parties, and customer benefits.

2. Airbnb Financial Release

Press releases from Airbnb are published on a specific website. By the rules governing public companies, this announcement includes a summary of its financial results for 2021. The release has all the information, including how and where to get the financial data.

3. General Motors Partnership Press Release

One of the most well-known auto manufacturers is General Motors. In this press release, the company discusses its partnership arrangement with PSA Peugeot Citroen and its potential advantages.

Press releases still promote brands and messages well in this generation. These details about the press release will help you a lot.

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