Top 5 New Video Editing Trends For 2023

We can’t stress enough how essential video content is in today’s digital world.

It’s a terrific approach to increase audience participation on your social media and digital platforms while also opening up new communication channels with them.

In this post, we’ll talk about the top video editing trends, including short-form videos to full-length features.

But first, let’s answer this question:

What Is Video Editing?

Video editing is a technique of mixing special effects, production footage, text, and audio recordings, resulting in new creative material. The output might be anything from short-clip videos to longer ones.

Both in the film and entertainment industries and the digital age, video editing is a crucial activity.

Bringing the desired message closer to the target audience through images and audio is the main goal of video editing.

The Latest Video Editing Trends

Short Video Clips

Creative video-sharing websites are rapidly growing nowadays, making short-form videos currently one of the most popular trends in video editing. Short-form films are used by marketers as brand-related content since they help them reach more prospects faster.

Typically, short videos have a runtime of under 2.5 minutes. These kinds of films are typically posted on social media, but many platforms have put limitations on how long they can be. A 2.5-minute video can be posted on Twitter, for instance, while TikTok only supports 3-minute videos.

Given the time constraints of this type of video editing trend, competitive material is essential.

Live Streaming

Even before the pandemic, the live-streaming business has been growing steadily, and by 2027, it is expected to grow by up to USD 247 billion.

The beauty of this lies in being broadcasted in real-time, rather than being recorded and edited beforehand. Videos that are aired live on social media have a higher rate of customer engagement; even more than two times higher than previously produced videos.

videographer taking a video of a woman

Interactive Videos

As the name suggests, multimedia content that allows user interaction is known as interactive video. It might be a bit tedious as it requires pointing the user to another website.

A shoppable video might, for instance, provide links to the company’s website where viewers can learn more about the product or purchase it. Nonetheless, it’s one of the latest video editing trends that businesses can take advantage of.

360° Videos

If you’re looking for something unique and interesting, a 360° video might be the answer. It uses either one omnidirectional camera or several cameras to see all views in a 360-degree movie. 

360-degree videos perform better when compared to other video formats in terms of click-through performance but have a lower see-through rate. Video marketing trends demonstrate that 360° films are a viable investment due to their low cost per watch.

Cross-Posting And Repurposing Content

This year, repurposing and cross-posting have been on top of the latest video editing trends, and businesses that have used this technique surely benefit from it a lot.

When it comes to recycling content, each platform has its own specific set of guidelines. Each site has its own requirements for publishing videos, and you need to be aware of them. When editing your videos, you should constantly keep in mind the particular requirements of your audience.

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