Valuable Tips On Designing An Effective Business Card

Want to know some tips on how to design business card? There are various ways to accomplish that and ensure your company is at the top of the list for potential customers. Surprisingly, business cards have survived in the corporate world in this digital age. 

However, not all business cards are made equally, and many low-quality business cards are available. Any small business may create its business cards using pre-made icons. Still, the results won’t be particularly eye-catching. 

This article will share some business card tips on designing effective business cards. 

Valuable Tips On How To Design Business Card

Here are the six designing business card tips you may consider to have effective business cards for your business:

1. Don’t Forget Your Basic Design Principles

It’s obvious, but a business card is a printed design. Business card design follows paper-based design principles. To keep your typography legible, keep your essential copy at least 5mm from the trim edge. Business card designers often utilize grids to align and organize information.

2. Apply Creativity Within The Constraints

Creative business cards are possible. Business cards should fit easily in a pocket, wallet, or organizer to avoid being lost or thrown away.  Even though the size limits you, you remain able to be creative with the space and develop the design around presenting the essential info creatively. 

Remember, business cards have two sides. You should put information on one side and design on the other. While creating business cards, avoid a few typical mistakes.

3. Make Use Of Quality Support

Due to the poor quality support, cheap business cards are instantly noticeable. They fold and fade quickly, so they’re thrown away. Heavyweight card stock is more durable and feels better, making it look more professional.

Card stock is the cheapest printing option for business cards. You can print on translucent plastics, metals, and more to get creative. Remember that a business card must be compact and easy to carry.

hands giving a business card

4. Make It Tactile

Embossed or debossed text or graphics can make a business card more tactile with good quality support and exceptional finishes. Die-cutting card stock to leave a void can make your card more eye-catching and keep it in potential consumers’ hands longer. Use a die or cut the shape out of the center to vary the form of your card.

5. Create Useful Business Cards

The paper has several drawbacks, one of which is its ubiquitous nature. Some people save everything and build a paper mountain, whereas others recycle everything. To avoid recycling, giving your business card has a second purpose.

You must be careful when designing a business card with a function since it should be relevant to your business and clients. It may not deviate too much from the standard business card shape and size.

6. Double-check The Layout Of Your Business Cards

These are the last tips on how to design business card, so before you send the business card design to the print shop or print several copies yourself, double-check everything.


Finally, we’re done sharing some business card tips on designing it effectively. Consider these business card tips when creating your business cards.

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