Our 2018 New Year’s Resolutions are Customer-Focused

At the beginning of a new calendar year, it is important to reflect on the previous 365 days. Likewise, we firmly believe in setting specific goals for the upcoming year as well. Our team put together a list of New Year’s resolutions for 2018 that will influence our daily actions and keep us grounded in ConceptDrop’s overarching values.

Save you (even more) time

We will continue to streamline our matching process in 2018. At ConceptDrop, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait days to be connected with the creative professional working on your project. Thus, we aim to match you with one of our freelancers within two hours of submitting a project brief – and it’s true! In 2017, our average match time was 43 minutes. This year, we will strive to pair you with your perfect freelancer even faster.

Pro tip: Filling out every portion of a project brief with detailed responses will create more data points for our artificial intelligence to use when finding your freelancer.

Low prices, always

It has always been our commitment to provide prices upfront with no hidden fees. In 2018, we want to take that a step further by striving to maintain prices lower than agencies and other marketplaces while, of course, still delivering quality marketing materials straight into your inbox.

Pro tip: Check out our new ConceptDrop Pro retainer accounts. Get all of the features of ConceptDrop, plus more premium benefits like a personal Brand Ambassador, personalized dashboard with multiple team members, brand repository, and additional credit.

Giving you access to the top talent

ConceptDrop accepts less than 2% of freelancers who apply to join our platform. In years past, we have vetted and hand-selected our designers and copywriters for their expertise, professionalism, and so on. Going forward, however, we strive to strengthen this interviewing process even more so. Freelancers will now undergo a more extensive application process including an in-depth portfolio review, face-to-face interview, and mandated on-boarding program. This ensures you are being paired with only the best creatives out there.

Pro tip: Rating your designer not only affects working with them again on future projects, but the feedback, whether good or bad, also helps us better curate our network.

The best customer service out there

At ConceptDrop, we strive to deliver you the white-glove experience. The members of our team are specifically dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. Matt Cannizzo (matt.cannizzo@nexusai.com), our Customer Success Manager, is reachable at any time to answer questions you might have setting up your account, submitting a project, or even how to grow your business using ConceptDrop Pro. For design needs, Lexie Johnson (lexie@nexusai.com), our Lead Marketing Designer, has experience both working for various corporations and also as a freelancer on her own.  She is here to help you articulate and place your project, answer tricky questions while providing feedback, and bridge the gap between “normal” language and “designer lingo”.

Pro Tip: Not sure who to reach out to? Send contact@nexusai.com an email with your questions or concerns and a member of our team will get back to you very shortly.

Building Nexus

Since 2015, ConceptDrop has made it our mission to use artificial intelligence to connect you with the best-fitting creative professional for your specific design and copywriting needs. In 2016, we birthed the idea to take this technology to the next level and began to build a sister product to ConceptDrop, otherwise known as Nexus, this past year. Our resolution for 2018 is to continue to use artificial intelligence and organizational behavior science to help enterprises build teams and predict performances.

Pro Tip: Read more about our story of Nexus in Forbes and reach out to our team if you’re interested in setting up a demo.

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