8 Chrome Extensions we use at ConceptDrop Daily

Chrome extensions: a marketer’s best friend.

As a marketer, leveraging cutting-edge tools like Chrome extensions can make organizing, scheduling, and utilizing different strategies more efficient. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites online tools we use daily at ConceptDrop to make life a bit easier and more efficient.

Grammarly – This extension operates as a spell checker for any piece of content across almost any platform. It will provide spelling and grammar corrections when you’re writing social media posts, blog content, emails, etc.

Sidekick by Hubspot – Sidekick is a powerful email tracking service that enables you to track actions like someone opening or clicking through your email. You can also schedule emails, view activity history, and get information about your recipients such as their company, title, and social profiles – all in one place.

Ghostery – Sick of cookies following you to other sites? Ghostery allows you to hide your digital footprint by viewing and blocking trackers on websites you visit. The build-in adblock removes advertisements and speeds up websites.

Save to Pocket – Save anything that you find browsing online for future reference – blog posts, articles, infographics, and more. This is one of our all-time favorites at ConceptDrop.

Email Hunter – Find email addresses and profiles of people behind any site you visit. Click on the icon and get a full list of people associated with the page as well of sources of data. You’ll also get a quality score that evaluates the confidence that the email addresses are correct.

SessionCam – This extension allows you to visualize customer behavior by recording each customer journey made on your website. The plugin provides performed activities, conversation tracking, and heat maps. You can see recordings right in Google Analytics or SiteCatalyst.

WhatFont – Ever looked at a line of text on screen and wondered what font it was? What Font allows you to identify any font on any webpage you visit.

Color Picker – Color Picker enables you to hover and find the exact color number displayed on any page. 

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