2023’s Top Logo Design Trends [Part 1] – How To Make Your Logo Design Stand Out

Every designer should keep up with the most recent trends in logo design, but it can be challenging if you don’t know exactly what to look for. 

Over the years, many design trends have come and gone; keeping up with the most recent trends will help ensure that your logo continues to stand out.

Awareness of recent trends in logo design is essential for anyone trying their best to guide businesses through current trends. But first, we must elaborate on the importance of knowing the logo design trends.

Why Do Logo Design Trends Matter?

We know that trends through logo design can influence how the public perceives a brand and how consumers view it. Generally speaking, keeping up with current design trends can assist you in ensuring that your designs look updated.

This part will share the best logo design trends to help your logo stand out!

Top Best Logo Design Trends in 2022 [Part 1]

1. Experimenting with Lettering and Line Thickness

In 2022, experimenting with lettering and line thickness is widely known. Both can make your logos and brand stand out markedly from the business. 

You can give your designs a more modern and contemporary appearance by using extended or narrow font style or experimenting with broad or thin strokes. 

Take note: It works to explore and experiment to find the right style for your brand.

2. Layering

A sense of detail and sophistication can be added to your brand by layering or using various layers in your branding and logos. One benefit of layering is that it functions well for more complex and minimalist design approaches.

Layering in a design can create lettering, a monogram, or an overall alignment of graphic elements. When performed incorrectly, there are many ways that this can complicate matters or cause your theme to seem unconnected to your design. As a result, it’s important to keep your brand’s ideology and objectives in sight when applying to the layer.

3. Crisp and Minimalist Fonts

Your brand can obtain sophistication by utilizing clean serif and sans-serif fonts. Maintaining simple, minimalist designs can help designers who want to work regularly with such a range of brands to ensure repeat business.

Use a simple, minimalist font to ensure that your designs get a clean appearance. Although this isn’t a new development in logo design, it is still an essential technique for modern logos.

4. Hand-Drawn Designs and Logos

Authenticity and approachability can be fostered by brands using hand-drawn logos. Using hand-drawn fonts can make you stand out since many customers are naturally drawn to trying new, exciting brands and products.

In addition, using hand-drawn design elements through your advertising material and other creative work can help you build a solid customer. Most of the time, consumers feel more connected to and genuine toward brands that use hand-drawn graphics

In the following article: 2022’s Top Best Logo Design Trends [Part 2], we will share another top best logo design trends that will surely help you.

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