2023’s Top Logo Design Trends [Part 2] – What Needs To Be Done When Designing Your Logo

In the first part, we shared some best logo design trends for making your logo stand out: 2023’s Top Logo Design Trends [Part 1]. Now, we’ll reveal another outstanding logo design trend for 2023.

In this article, we’ll go over everything you want to learn regarding logo design – whether you’re a designer, a businessman, or just a curious observer of design. Even so, some important components like the consistent color scheme and best typography remain vital.

Additional Best Trends In Logo Design For 2023

1. Bright Colors

Even though subtle and dull shades replaced vibrant colors in recent years, this year has improved using vibrant colors through brands. Bright colors are generally better for people who aren’t looking for a highly sophisticated look because they encourage more impulsive buyer behavior.

It is important to plan your colors and patterns regarding your brand objectives. Although it varies depending on personal preference and may seem quite basic, the resurgence of vibrant colors is another popular option for logo design.

2. Natural Color Palettes

Aside from bright colors, 2023 saw an increase in natural colors such as browns, greens, and yellows, as well as auburn reds.

Natural color palettes are always effective for more natural and home-based businesses, although they may not seem as exciting. Furthermore, natural colors usually complement more simple and minimalist design ideas.

3. Gradients

Gradients have been a trend that has continued from the preceding year. A logo’s brand colors and objects can be contrasted beautifully with the help of gradients. Even though they might not be relevant for all brands, gradients are still famous for logo designs in 2023.

4. Static Motion and Glitch Aesthetics

Motion and glitch aesthetics have become more prevalent in recent years. Although this has been a trend for the past ten years, glitch fonts and logos have attracted more attention recently. Implied motion or a glitch effect when using or creating fonts can make your design stand out.

This trend will still be popular in 2023 and look great on all brand designs, as seen in companies like TikTok and TransferWise, which serve as excellent examples.

5. Making Use of Negative Space

Less is often more when its design is concerned. It follows that the use of negative space is a trend that appears to be taking off in 2023. When used correctly, negative space in design contributes to a more upscale feel.

Negative space also helps designers in giving a design balance and finesse when it might otherwise look bland or uninteresting. Moreover, using negative space can make a design look smart and well-thought-out for designers who feel that their work is dull.

Logo Design Trends for 2023: What to Expect

Paying attention to developing logo design trends in 2023 can help you enhance your designs and talent because the year still has many more opportunities for us. If you’re a brand designer, a business owner, or someone else, keeping up with traditional and modern branding trends can help you build a brand that endures for years.
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