Useful Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Slides [Part 1] – How to Make Your Presentation More Effective To Your Audience

Your PowerPoint slide design is sometimes overlooked. Why was it overlooked? Poor text placement, distracting font style, or unsettling transitions between slides can quickly disconnect your presentation from your audience. This makes creating an effective PowerPoint presentation more challenging because your target audiences may react differently to different slide designs in this situation. Remember that your audience wants a relevant presentation, not just a pretty slide presentation.

What is PowerPoint Presentation?

We’ve all heard that Powerpoint presentations are easy to make, simple to update, and an effective way to add visual elements to almost any presentation. Furthermore, PowerPoint is a Microsoft presentation program that creates a slideshow of helpful information, infographics, and images for a presentation.

How PowerPoint Presentation Effective To The Audience?

As a presenter, a well-designed PowerPoint presentation can help you convey your message to your target audience. The intended audience is there to understand and must believe that the information presented will be effective or beneficial. These visual and auditory cues may also assist you as a presenter in being more spontaneous and engaging with your audience.

So, how can you make the information more understandable while conveying a powerful message to your audience? That is why we put together a list of PowerPoint design tips to help you improve your presentation and guide it in the right direction.

Keep It Short And To The Point

Some of the most needed things to remember are that PowerPoint is simply a tool to help you convey your message. Never, ever allow figurative text to appear on your screen. Keep your bullet points brief and focused on the main point. This will affect your audience’s attention to be connected to you rather than the presentations on the screen.

man talking in front of business presentation

Choose The Right Font

Instead of a unique creative font, use a classic font. Selecting the wrong font could easily make your text difficult to read to your audience. Additionally, if the computer you’ll be presenting on doesn’t already have the font installed, PowerPoint will attempt to substitute it with a random font. Verdana, Calibri, and Helvetica are good choices.

Size Matters

Choosing the correct font size can be difficult. On the one hand, your PowerPoint slides must be readable by your audience. However, you don’t want your text to occupy too much space. The minimum header size is approximately 20 points, while the minimum size for the body is 18. With these sizes, you can be sure that your text will always be readable.


In addition to the appearance and size of the font, the contrast must be considered. If using a font on an image, make it readable by adding a border or a reflection around it.

Relevance And Quality Are Key

Typically, a poor-quality image needs to support your text. Because of the discrepancy caused by using illustrations and drawings in some pictures, your presentation will appear unconvincing or childish. Keep in mind to use high-quality images that complement your message.

These design tips will help you produce PowerPoint Slides to be effective; they are just a few of the essentials you must be knowledgeable of when creating a PowerPoint presentation.

In the following post, you will learn five additional designing tips on what you should include in your PowerPoint Presentation: Useful Tips For Creating Effective PowerPoint Slides [Part 2].

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