Lessons from the Google Mentorship Program – Crafting Your Pitch

Our Mentorship discussions led us to a few important Cs. These are some great starting points that can help you craft a powerful elevator pitch.

Concise– Keep your pitch clear and succinct. You usually have 30 seconds to catch an audience’s attention.

Compelling– What problem does your business solve? What sets you apart from competitors and substitutes?

Conceptual– When first approaching your audience, don’t go into too much detail. Once you’ve caught their attention, move beyond the high-level topic and into specific solutions.

Concrete– Make your pitch easy to grasp. Concrete examples, case studies, and story-telling are more impactful and simple to understand.

Customized– It is important to tailor your pitch for the audience. Show that you know about their business.

Conversational– Don’t be afraid to sound casual. By making a connection, you can have a longer conversation.

After several brainstorming sessions, we were able to structure a compelling elevator pitch. As always, practice makes perfect.

About the 1871 Google Mentorship Program: Quick2LAUNCH was established less than a year ago during the LaunchHouse Accelerator Program and now the team currently works out of 1871 Chicago. Google recently partnered with the tech incubator, 1871, and decided to offer the Google Mentorship Program to a select group of startups.

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