Recent Social Media Trends You Should Know About

This year’s social media trends are simple to predict; we only need the data. Performance and consumer preference data can paint the year ahead. We’re not discussing future TikTok hits. 

The 60% of organizations that use social data daily are halfway there. This article will discuss recent social media trends you need to know for this year.

What Are The Social Media Trends You Should Know?

1. It Will Be All About The “Edutainment” Content

There are now many adults who enjoy educational entertainment. Creating entertaining, educational content has proven valuable in a few niche businesses. The fun in social media will be open to all this year.

The growing popularity of short-form videos creates the ideal environment for entertaining facts, tutorials, and explainers to succeed on social media. It makes sense that educational content is often on their minds when marketers collaborate with creators.

2. Businesses Will Invest More Money In Video Production

Video technology is here to stay at this point. Businesses assigned video production on their social media teams when TikTok was new. Business leaders know TikTok is no longer “emerging” now that the typical American watches 80 minutes daily. 

Forward-thinking companies can invest more in video production equipment and employees to stand out on social media. Thus, video editing, direction, and brand narrative will likely be assisted by others.

3. Brands Will Experience A Tipping Moment With BeReal

Last year, social media trends included BeReal. The newcomer pleased users and baffled marketers. You should zoom out while others try to sell their brand on the network. 

Your strategy will depend on why vertical networks, closed groups, and apps like BeReal are booming while consumer social media fatigue rises. The coming months could be eventful. BeReal may add brand advertising.

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4. Businesses Will Test The Use Of Emerging Networks

In 2022, core network shakeups made consumers feel deprioritized for profitability and business. Many now seek their next favorite internet spot.

Mastodon, Tumblr, Hive, and Discord are emerging social media stars. As viewers explore these new playgrounds, brands will learn what’s hot and what’s not.

5. The Creator Economy Will Keep Growing

In 2023, Tubular Labs predicts 10 trillion creator and influencer views per month across all platforms. Influencer material was 13.2 times more watched in 2022 than media and brand content.

Creators work with marketers across industries to increase engagement, enhance social networks, and reach new audiences. More brands will be able to locate and work with creators in their target market as the playing field gets more diverse and concentrated.

6. Social Commerce Will Rise And Shine Again

Late 2020, and early 2021 were dominated by social commerce. Recession fears sidelined it. Networks cut features, brands pivoted, and we braced for the future.

In 2022, Black Friday/Cyber Monday broke records, luxury goods sales rose, and TikTok and Instagram Reels “haul” postings returned. Despite a bleak economic outlook, individuals are still buying their favorites and researching on social media.


We know that social media loves trends, and this article helps you a lot to be aware of social media trends.

Finally, we’re done sharing the recent social media trends.

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