5 Things Marketers Can be Grateful For

‘Tis the season. With Thanksgiving in the air, here is a list of our top five reasons marketers can be grateful:

  1. New trends

Livestreaming and AR/VR advances have swarmed social media and technology. The capacity to capture and transmit images as they’re happening has made a breakthrough in several apps and internet sites. Most notably, Instagram’s live 24-hour story feature, similar to that of SnapChat’s, became a trend this year. We’re thankful for the possibilities to share, record, and promote with the click of a button. We’re also grateful for new virtual realities we can utilize now (see Alternate Realities in a Very Real World) and we’re excited for what’s to come.

  1. Being known as the go-to PowerPoint maestro (whether that’s my job or not)

Marketers obviously have a lot more responsibilities than just making PowerPoints. Yet, it’s fun to be able to brag to our friends about our mad PowerPoint crafting skills. We are the reliable designer, the king of slides, and we know how to get it right every time. We can do this while also working on sales, product management, and communication–talk about being a Jack (or Jill) of all trades.

  1. Marketo and Hubspot

Being a marketer without Marketo and Hubspot would be like being a writer without a pencil, like being a musician without an instrument. Marketers today are grateful for the ability to access new software and easily show their return on investments.

  1. Digital Capabilities  

Print, TV, and radio marketing can be expensive so in this day and age, we are grateful for the cost effective ways to promote branding through digital mediums. We’re thankful that we have SEO platforms like Conductor’s Searchlight, to assist us with all our optimization needs so that we don’t have to completely do this ourselves.

  1. Getting to dream

Marketers are innovators. We get to dream about the future, call to act, create, and showcase a company in a different light. This holiday season, we’re grateful for a simple reason–being in this field and the ability implement our visions into practice.


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