9 Companies at Collision That Will Enhance Your Life

ConceptDrop exhibited on the first day, but had the opportunity to talk to some amazing start-ups both days of the expo. While each company was unique and interesting in their own way, we found 9 companies that stood out to us in the sea of tech. Check out these 9 start-ups who we think are awesome – keep an eye out for these companies.



Headquarters: UK

Website: www.joincomb.com

Ever see a photo of someone and think “I love that outfit,” but weren’t sure where to begin in terms of searching articles of clothing that we’re similar? If so, you need this app.

Comb allows users to search millions of fashion products and thousands of brands using just a photo. The app will give you alternative products based on a photo that you upload. Browse identical, similar, or cheaper options. Additionally, users can follow and chat with friends to get their opinion, share, and discover products. ‘Google for images’ is how I like to think of it.

These guys sported awesome suits that definitely caught my attention. Based out of the UK, their technology uses image recognition to ‘comb through’ – if you will – through all their brands and find similar options to an uploaded photo.




Headquarters: Austin, TX

Website: www.onepayapp.com

One pay allows you to pay one consolidated bill per month instead of multiple. The bill paying system consolidates all your bills into a single bill that is paid at the beginning of the month. Thus, you no longer have to worry late payment fees or paying more than you should – i.e. phone bills, as the founder noted.

Users get their bills analyzed, consolidated, and find savings opportunities to ultimately save money and improve credit. You can also view a detailed breakdown of your services that allows you to understand all your bills. Analytics help to see how much you have saved, and track your current spending compares to past spending.




Headquarters: UK

Website: http://www.zeek.me/

Do you have a crumbled, old gift voucher or gift card in your wallet? Sell it and earn some money with Zeek.

Zeek is a mobile voucher marketplace where you can sell unwanted gift cards or store credit for cash and purchase them at a discount price. You set your own special offers – decide which shops, which items, and discount rates you want. Purchase vouchers from a brand you like, then browse and buy.

Currently, the app has more that 80,000 users, a number that has been doubling every month. They have also been featured in quite a few PR outlets – keep a look out for this company, and check out their app.




Headquarters: US


TVDuffle gives brands the ability to reach consumers on a granular level with the most relevant information. The Shazam-like software recognizes commercials or television shows when your phone hears them, and then pops up related promotions. DuffleIQ also detects the proximity of customers to physical retail sites and delivers relevant media content.

DuffleIQ’s push data is powered by an analytics engine to ensure consumers gets the information at the right time and place, tailored for their interests and needs. This company could surely put a twist on brand engagement and advertisement.



Headquarters: Chicago, IL

Website: https://foxtrotco.com/

FoxTrot – a fellow Chicago company – exhibited next to us at Collision. They are a mobile app that allows users to shop a collection of drinks, eats, and everyday essentials, and then delivers them in under an hour. Unlike other delivery services, FoxTrot combines all types of items in one place, which is why I find this app ideal. Order fine wine, fresh food, and paper towels all at once. Additionally, track the process and watch as your order is delivered.




Headquarters: Canada

Website: www.vanhawks.com

The Valour bike from Vanhawks is the world’s first connected bike that’ll map your routes, track ride metrics and call home when it’s stolen. The bike has bluetooth connectivity with sensors on the handle bar. Plot your GPS route on your smartphone before taking off on a trip and the sensors will show you the way as they light up directing turns left or right. The Valour starts at $1,299 from Vanhawks.com.




Headquarters: Mexico

Website: http://www.sessions.rocks/

Follow news stories, events or any other topic on your smartphone in real time. Users can choose a specific event (i.e. Bulls v. Lakers) and receive real time updates – photo, video & audio. You can also host your own sessions and keep others up to date. This is ideal, especially for news stories, in my opinion. I usually end up continuously googling for updates, but with this app, I can just receive push notifications.




Headquarters: US

Website: http://www.dishedapp.com

Dished allows you to review individual dishes instead of locations. Dished will let you know the best rated food and drink items at restaurants and other places in your area every time you decide to dine out. Search by dishes, rate, and share individual dishes, cocktails, beer and wine that you enjoy. I find this helpful because when I search restaurant reviews, I usually like to check out specific dishes and drinks – with this app, I can easily see real people’s comments and suggestions.



The Goodwell Company

Headquarters: United States

Website: www.thegoodwellcompany.com

Through the Goodwell Company’s first premium sustainable toothbrush, the company is empowering a new generation through design and sustainability. With their connected toothbrush, you get information on your brushing skills and which teeth you need to work on. Plus, it is a biodegradable product that you can throw away without worrying about filling up landfills – improved hygiene and eco-friendly? Count us in. Starts at $29.99.


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