Meet Our Designers: Dave Startup


 1.    How long have you been doing graphic design?

20 years. I’ve been working as a freelance graphic designer and presentations specialist for the last 3 years and before that I ran the graphics department (part of the Presentations Department) at Bank of America in London. Prior to that I worked as an in-house designer and DTP (desktop publishing) specialist for several large companies.


2.    Where did you learn graphic design?

A lot of it is self-taught but I was also fortunate to get some on-the-job training at some of the companies I’ve worked for.


3.    What companies have you worked with/for in the past?

Xerox, Bank of America, UBS, Goldman Sachs, lots of freelancing for design agencies and PR companies in London and abroad (incl. Cornerstone Presentations, 3:nine Communications, Palm PR, Eden Marsh, GQ Design)


4.    Why do you love design?

I love it because it manages to be both challenging and relaxing at the same time. It’s not easy, in a good way. I find working on a design to be quite meditative in that I have to focus completely on what I’m doing and that brings my attention into the present moment and keeps it there which always feels good. It’s great when clients are pleased with what I come up with too.


5.    How do you see design changing?

I think trends in design will obviously always come and go but as far as how design is changing overall I guess it’s more to do with the type of materials we’re being asked to come up with designs for (e.g. I haven’t been asked to design many DVD covers in a while…). More on-screen and online stuff as opposed to printed.

6.    What design job are you most proud of?

I’m a big movie-geek and when I started out as a freelancer I had the opportunity to design promo material for some independent movies which was interesting and very good fun. I love presentation design also as it combines layout and animation.


7.    Why did you choose graphic design as opposed to other sectors of design?

I had the opportunity to learn graphic design whilst working in DTP and found I really enjoyed it. It’s a constantly evolving, challenging and rewarding way to make a living.


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