Essential Tips For Business Owners On Collaborating With Creatives [Part 1] – The Best Things You Must Do

Working effectively with designers or graphic artists can be challenging if you own a business, and don’t forget that this can also be challenging for creatives. In reality, right brain and left brain thinking differ from one another.

Imagine that you can choose between hiring an architect and not hiring one when building a new home. If you’re not a skilled architect, it will probably be challenging to direct your home’s design and give the builders instructions.

A digital product or marketing campaign design follows the same principles. You will run into many obstacles unless you’re an architect or another professional who specializes in managing creatives and understands how to handle this project.

The question is, “Are you capable of leading your designers’ architects? Do you possess the knowledge and expertise necessary to direct the strategy and requirements to achieve the desired results?” 

Without much prior experience of working with creatives, it might be a challenge to do this but don’t worry, we did have the liberty to gather essential tips for business owners when collaborating with creatives. 

What Every Business Owner Needs To Know When Working With Creatives

Realize That There Will Be A Lot Of Work Involved

Be prepared for this to require multiple drafts. It takes input, meetings, and revisions to produce a brilliant final product. Don’t expect the design of your dreams if all you intend to do is hold a kickoff meeting before relaxing. In other words, hire someone else to manage this process if you’re lazy and don’t want to put forth the effort.

Determine Your Goals

Ensure that your objectives for this design project and the creative are clearly stated. You can’t expect your designer to achieve what you want if you don’t even know what it is. Therefore, before you even get started, find out what you want to achieve at the end of the project.

Prepare Your Creativity For Success

To ensure the success of the creative you’re working with, you must be clear to provide the full context. Tell them precisely what you want. Your designer mustn’t just follow orders without question. They should know the full extent of the project, its objectives and goals, and how it fits into your business’s overall strategy. Without this information, you’re restricting their ability to create the best solution.

Accept Responsibility

If you’re experiencing problems with a creative you’re working with 99.9% of the time, it’s your fault. So, before you point these things out, consider your role in the problem. Because of your different thinking styles, there is a high probability that there is a communication issue.

Provide Specific Timelines And Milestones

Establish a precise schedule for each phase and discuss all the deliverables, leaving room for your requested design after each one. Expect your designer to take some time, even if all you want to change is the font or the color from red to blue. They likely plan their days around deadlines and, unless they are a full-time employee, and have other clients, give them enough time to complete any requested changes.

You can find more tips for what to do in the next post: Essential Tips For Business Owner’s On Collaborating With Creatives [Part 2]!

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