Freelancer Spotlight: Amy C.

Amy C., a ConceptDrop copywriter, has always enjoyed writing, but struggled finding a job out of college as an aspiring novelist. “Getting into advertising and marketing seemed like the perfect way to use my craft to earn a living.” Her career of 18 years in copywriting took off after landing a job writing direct mail copy where she learned a great deal on the differences between editorial and marketing writing.

Other companies Amy has worked with include businesses and agencies of all sizes. “I’ve worked with a lot of small and medium companies and agencies as well as big companies like 3M, General Mills, Aveda, P&G, HP, Best Buy, and many others.”

It was Amy’s interest in working with a variety of organizations and assignments that made ConceptDrop intriguing when she first discovered the platform. “I went to ConceptDrop for additional exposure to projects I may not have aquired on my own.” Amy appreciates the platform’s advanced matching technology that pairs her with diverse projects based on her knowledge and skill set.

Since joining, her favorite work thus far has been a variety of branding projects for new companies. Her quality work and customer service has left clients speechless and many characterize Amy as a “pleasure to work with”.

As a freelancer, Amy enjoys the ability to find work anywhere around the world. “It has allowed me to meet many interesting people and also learn about a variety of industries.” Amy looks to several sources for inspiration such as other writers, blogs, or podcasts. Reading is primarily where she finds the most influence for her work.  “If I’m working with a new client, I like to read up on the industry and the competition.”

Her advice to others working in freelance is to protect your reputation. “It’s everything, do what you say you will do, communicate, do good work.” She advises to network, but also not to take it personally when some projects aren’t a match. “Not everyone will love your style. Our work is a product that we’re selling, so I try and keep it separate.”

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