5 Skillshare Videos for Improving Your Business

Skillshare is an online platform that provides individuals with the opportunity to learn new skills through instructional and demonstrative videos. These educational courses range in topics such as business, teaching, technology, design and more. The platform’s pricing is subscription based, just like Netflix or Spotify, and they’re running a promotion to get two months of unlimited lessons for just $0.99. Whether you’re just trying to get the most out of your free trial or looking to use Skillshare longterm, we have compiled a list of five courses to try.

1. Graphic Design Basics: Core Principles of Visual Design

This particular class is drawn from courses taught by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips at Maryland Institute College of Art and their book textbook, Graphic Design: The New Basics. The lessons provided for the topic include 9 videos and take up less than 40 minutes of your time. This brief course discusses the subjects of framing, grids, symmetry versus asymmetry, and other core principles of entry-level graphic design. Regardless of your current role, having a simple understanding of basic design principles can only help in furthering your career.

 2. Making the Most of User Feedback: Spot Trends and Take Action with NPS

In this series of videos, Client Success from Typeform, Katie Timmons, instructs users on the basics of calculating NPS, or Net Promoter Score. With lessons on utilizing and analyzing user feedback, this class will inform individuals how to effectively gather and discover trends they can use to their advantage. There are 7 videos for the course that add up to about 30 minutes in total.

3. Context is Key: Social Media Strategy in a Noisy Online World

In this collection of 24 videos, Gary Vaynerchuk, wine guru and CEO of Vaynermedia, teaches viewers about building the right story and creating a great brand. As explained by Deluxe, having a good brand not only increases the value of the company but also provides motivation for employees and more potential for new customers. The lessons vary in topics such as skills in social media platforms and different case studies. The total time for Context is Key is around an hour and thirty minutes.

4. Email Marketing Essentials: Writing Effective Emails

Email Marketing Essentials encompasses 9 videos and totals about 30 minutes. Taught by Writer and Editor of MailChimp, Kate Kiefer Lee, the course instructs viewers on tips for writing emails. Topics for the lessons include voice and tone of writing, editing tips, core types of emails, and more. Overall, the user will learn the best practices for online writing, in addition to content ideas and making the most out of email marketing.

5. Getting a YES: How to Prep, Pitch, Persuade, and Close

Getting a Yes is made up of classes meant to teach the user about everything sales. The instructor, Tom Goodwin, is a writer, speaker, and EVP and Head of Innovation for Zenith Media. There are 9 instructional videos and take less than an hour to watch.


Finish off the rest of the week and the end of 2018 right with the assistance from these videos. From graphic design to sales, you and your company can learn a variety of techniques to help improve your business in all aspects.

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