Freelancer Spotlight: Sertac M.

Sertac M.

Sertac M., a ConceptDrop Creative, has been in the design field for 14 years. “I’ve always had an interest in visuality and how-things-are-made since I was a child. I find it fascinating how powerful and stimulating good design can be.”

Throughout his career, he has had the opportunity to work for a variety of companies across different sizes and industries. From small boutique agencies to large industrial corporations, Sertac has strived to gain as much experience in the field as he could. He strongly believes that a designer can and should find a way to learn from every company, project, and experience.

As a freelancer, Sertac finds inspiration in almost any object that surrounds him. “I look at things for the functionality, usability, [and] purpose.” He also forms ideas for his designs through music, which he says assists in setting the correct mood and visual tone while working on projects. Books are another one of Sertac’s recommendations for inspiration. He feels that they broaden knowledge, vision, and understanding when it comes to his work and art in general. His advice for other freelancers is “I believe every freelancer, designer or not, should work on their own personal branding carefully and differentiate herself or himself from competitors.”

Sertac enjoys having the liberty to choose clients and the types of projects he gets to work on and joining the ConceptDrop team allowed him to do this. “I like transparency in how the ConceptDrop system works. The communication is also quite direct, sincere, and open.” As of now, Sertac’s favorite project he has done with ConceptDrop has been an 8-slide presentation design for a company called, Genpact. Though the company’s Brand Identity Guidelines were strict, he welcomed and enjoyed the challenge. “I had to create a space to be creative within the concise limitations. This project was the kind where you learn more because of the challenges faced.”

The level of quality Sertac provides in his work is admired by clients. Companies such as IDEXX describe his work ethic as “Very quick and thorough. Sertac had some really good suggestions and made sure he understood us correctly.” Genpact also noted Sertac’s work as high quality with little need to make any changes.

Below is one of our favorite five-star designs created by Sertac.


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