How To Market Your Podcast Audiograms [Part 1]

Content creators originally used podcasts to share their stories. But now they’re strong marketing tools. After all, any tactic that enables you to talk to your users and humanize your business is worth investing in. Businesses benefit from podcast marketing. Therefore, the objective is to market your podcast and attract more people.

Podcast audiograms are video versions of podcasts. Audiograms are versatile and provide visual appeal to your podcast. Despite their merits, audiograms are easy to make. 

In this article, we’ll share why businesses need to focus on podcast marketing and some reasons you need to do podcast audiograms.

Why Do Businesses Need To Focus On Podcast Marketing?

We’ll explain the importance of podcast marketing for a business before discussing audiograms. By 2024, 100 million people in the United States will be listening to podcasts. 

Globally, the popularity of listening to podcasts has been steadily rising. That is a compelling enough argument for marketers to consider devoting time and resources to this communication medium. 

Additionally, a business might gain from the advantages listed below:

1. It can humanize businesses since a podcast’s touch helps bridge brand-consumer communication.

2. Businesses try to engage clients to keep them loyal even as competition increases. Value-added, entertaining, and engaging podcasts will help you start these conversations.

3. Podcasting creates repurposable social media content, which can boost brand awareness.

Small businesses should invest in podcast marketing for these and other reasons. Podcast marketing has become popular; therefore, the market is competitive. To market your podcast and business, you need the finest ways. Visually beautiful podcast audiograms can spice things up.

a woman is talking into the microphone

What Are The Reasons Why You Need A Podcast Audiogram?

1. It Could Be A Great Starting Point To Your Podcast Marketing Strategy

28% of marketers use podcasts, according to HubSpot’s 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report. You must be creative to stand out and market your business and podcast. Now is a wonderful moment to start podcast marketing since many businesses are just beginning to invest.

2. It Can Develop A Strong Social Media Presence

Podcasters and brand podcast developers use audiograms to develop a social media presence. Facebook and Twitter allow text-only updates, but only some people read them, especially if the brand is new. If you want to operate social media to attract new prospects, you need lots of visual content.

Podcast audiograms allow you to produce short video-like posts. They might draw attention to your post. After that, your audio can do its thing.

3. It Could Help You More Firmly Establish Your Business

Brand visuals can include podcast audiograms—an audiogram benefits from its downward motion. Audio waves and typeface are animated subtly. The frame is otherwise motionless.

Therefore, if you plan carefully, you can intuitively use your brand colors to make all your podcast audiograms seem the same. Since your consumer will be staring at the image while listening to the audio, you have more time to impact them.

Be ready for the next part because we will share the essential design tips on making a podcast audiogram to have better podcast marketing.

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