How To Market Your Podcast Audiograms [Part 2]

In the previous part, we shared some important things and why you need to have a podcast audiogram. So now, let’s proceed with how you can market your podcast using our design tip for a better podcast audiogram.

Design Tips To Market Better Your Podcast Audiogram

1. Make Sure Your Logo Is Seen In The Frame

This is the moment to design a podcast logo. A catchy logo is a very first move to podcast branding. If you want your podcast to become a new source of traffic and revenue, use a distinct logo instead of your brand logo.

Your brand logo’s colors and fonts can be reused or creatively altered. Make sure your podcast branding is displayed on all audiograms. Your audiograms’ design features determine the position. But knowing that your logo will present on all audiograms guides your visual style and color choices.

2. Knowing What Should Be Include In Your Podcast Audiograms

Audiograms are attention-grabbing animated visuals. However, they differ from traditional motion graphics, which have features that change from frame to frame. However, having all of them makes the audiogram feel complete because the text provides the message while the graphics and animation draw viewers in. They persuade the user to listen to the audio together.

3. Choose The Appropriate Graphics For Your Audiogram

The audiogram’s primary graphic can be a solid background with a few graphics or the presenter’s photo. This design might be your audiogram’s primary graphic. Your audiogram and podcast episode match visually.

If the podcast episode contains a celebrity, use a headshot because you’re highlighting the speaker’s brand. The Smartless podcast’s social media page features audiograms with the episode’s celebrity speaker as the primary graphic.

a female podcaster is recording

4. Create Some Creative Animation

Bloomberg and This American Life audiograms use synchronized audio waves. This is probably one of the most straightforward and typical podcast audiogram concepts. Two image bubbles with podcast speakers’ images appear on David Tennant’s Instagram. The audio waves around the speaker indicate who’s talking. That’s another inventive method to add animation and improve the experience.

5. Create A Clear And Strong Caption

The aesthetics of a video can be made or broken by kinetic typography. The animated text does not represent audiograms in the form of automatically generated captions. Instead, adding clear captions and basic text overlays to your design will give the audiogram a more polished appearance.

6. Decide On A Theme And Stick To It

Your audiogram’s text, animation, and visuals must include the theme. Colors, fonts, and illustration styles determine your audiogram’s theme. They must share a shared emotional response to your podcast.

Podcasts should be entertaining and expressive. Your audiogram is often your podcast’s initial impression, especially for social media users. Thus, your audiogram must convey the podcast’s emotions. The visual tone should match the podcast speaker.

Final Tip

It would be best if you had various marketing designs, such as podcast covers, podcast audiograms, and more, to learn the complexities of podcast marketing. But what works most is that they all contribute to developing a strong brand for your podcast. When you do, your customers will respect and trust you.

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