Some Typical Errors In Designing YouTube Thumbnail

Regarding the design of the YouTube thumbnail for every one of your videos, you should take additional care. You cannot risk making errors that affect your credit or give your YouTube channel a negative first impression. What errors are these? We’ll talk about them in depth now.

Are Custom Designs For YouTube Thumbnails Worth The Time And Effort?

90% of the videos on YouTube that do well have custom thumbnail designs, and you want your video to rank highly. Moreover, a custom YouTube thumbnail gives your channel a visual style. Your subscribers will identify your video when they navigate through their stream—staying visible builds long-term trust. Custom thumbnails are crucial for your channel’s long-term success and better clicks and views. People view a YouTube channel by its thumbnails before watching the videos.

Some Typical Errors In Designing YouTube Thumbnail

1. Choosing The Wrong Size

New YouTubers often need to correct the thumbnail size. Keeping all these sizes is overwhelming. Additionally, thumbnails or cover photos must be in different sizes—however, an oddly compressed image results from the wrong size.

YouTube thumbnails should be 1280×720 px and 640 px in width. YouTube supports JPG, GIF, and PNG files. For the best thumbnail display, keep the file size around 2 MB and the aspect ratio 16:9.

2. A Thumbnail Without Text Added

Some thumbnails have the right colors and themes, but you need to look at the text. Images cannot transmit all messages instantly, so your YouTube thumbnail needs text and describes the video in a few words.

Title and thumbnail design improve video comprehension. Instead of repeating the title, write a snappy hook. It should briefly describe your video with little information.

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3. Applying Fancy Fonts That Make It Difficult To Read

Ads often use fancy fonts for the title text. YouTube thumbnail design does not allow that. Consider thumbnail space. Your thumbnail’s attractive text is only helpful if viewers can read it. Thumbnails on small screens are more significant than you realize. Thus, font legibility matters.

To avoid confusing your subscribers, select a simple, easy-to-read font. Sans-serif fonts work on small screens. A simple sans-serif font can add accents, vary colors and font sizes, and make an effect.

4. Disregarding The Emotional Meaning Of Your Thumbnail

Some YouTubers add fancy images and good copy but still find their thumbnails lack leverage. Disregarding the thumbnail’s emotional meaning could be the reason. 

It should demonstrate the video’s intended emotions. Your thumbnail seems stock if you ignore its emotions. Each thumbnail’s emotion and visual structure set your channel’s tone. It makes your channel more engaging.

5. Ignoring The Contrast

If you ignore contrast, your thumbnail won’t work with the appropriate design and copy—thumbnail contrast matters. Missing one can dull your image or make text hard to see on small devices. The thumbnail below shows how to use color and texture contrast to produce eye-catching YouTube thumbnails. These aesthetics make your video stand out.

Take Note

The credibility of your YouTube channel may be made or broken by any graphic you choose, and the thumbnails for your videos play a vital role in this.

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