Killer Design Portfolio for Small Marketing Teams

One-person Marketing Team Challenges

Being a one-person marketing team is challenging. You are constantly juggling everything from designing collateral to sketching presentations that fall out of your expertise. Your time, energy and budget are limited. With all these challenges, how can you manage to create high-quality content?

If you find yourself overwhelmed with too many tasks to do, learn more about how ConceptDrop can help you create agency quality content below.

How Others Like You Use ConceptDrop & Portfolio

Vynamic is a mid-sized company specializing in healthcare management consulting. It was seeking highly brand-compliant marketing materials to deliver its company values when it discovered ConceptDrop. 

After submitting a project brief on ConceptDrop, Vynamic was matched with Melinda, one of the expert freelancers at ConceptDrop. Melinda created a whitepaper that successfully captured “the essence of the Vynamic brand” with only “a few minor tweaks needed” after the initial draft.   

ConceptDrop Flyer Design
ConceptDrop Whitepapers Design
ConceptDrop Infographic Design
Vynamic Project Review

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Designer’s Tips

Melinda has worked with a number of marketers on small teams prior to designing for Vynamic. She offered three designer tips on how to get the highest quality work from ConceptDrop designers:

1. Be upfront and descriptive 

Project brief is the designer’s guideline. Melinda emphasized the importance of a clear and upfront brief which could lead to a much smoother design journey. 

“Be as honest and detailed as you can, and know your brand beforehand.” said Melinda.

2. Attention to details 

The devil is in the details. This holds true for design works. Melinda recommended companies to spend some time thinking through the details before starting a project. Being detail-oriented can save time and reduce the rounds of edits needed. 

3. Tell a simple story

Every company has its unique stories to tell. But some companies struggle to find the best way to deliver the stories to their customers. 

Melinda believes simplicity is the essence of the best stories. 

“If it [your company story] is confusing to them [company team members], it’s going to be confusing to the customer.” said Melinda. 

We hope this blog can provide some inspiration to you. Learn more about how ConceptDrop can help create a wide range of high-quality projects for you on demand.  

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