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Enterprise Marketing Challenges 

As an enterprise marketer, your day-to-day operations likely span multiple projects at any given time. From collateral for clients to internal presentations, you need the best quality marketing assets to tell your company’s story. Although you may have internal resources, it’s likely that they’re overwhelmed due to maximized bandwidth and a high volume of projects. 

If you find yourself dealing with this challenge too often, external partners such as ConceptDrop can play a key role in prioritizing the work you need to be done in a solely private and personalized manner. 

How Others Like You Use ConceptDrop & Portfolio

As the world’s leading software company powering social good, Blackbaud finds it crucial to have content that highly complies with its brand style and speaks the company values to new businesses and existing customers. 

Driven by a high demand for compelling marketing content, Blackbaud turns to ConceptDrop to create data sheets, tip sheets, infographics, presentations, tradeshow banners and more. See examples created by expert freelancers at ConceptDrop below. 

ConceptDrop Whitepapers Design
ConceptDrop Tradeshow Banner & Infographic Design

“ConceptDrop makes my life easier by providing high-quality assets in an extremely quick and efficient manner.”

–– Marketing Manager at Blackbaud, Meredith Clayton

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Designers’ Tips

Giovanna has collaborated with multiple enterprise marketers as an expert freelancer at ConceptDrop. She offered two designer tips on how to get the highest quality work from ConceptDrop:

1. Provide a style reference if possible

Compared to small/mid-sized companies, enterprises tend to have a more established brand style. Giovanna recommended providing such style guidelines and “well-defined instructions” to your ConceptDrop designer to help him/her design “consistently” and “on brand.”

2. Streamline the communication process

While getting the final approval for the designer’s work can be a lengthy internal process, Giovanna suggested marketers to provide timely feedback to the designers. Prompt communication can shorten the design process and help you receive high-quality content more efficiently. 

We hope this blog can provide some inspiration to you. Learn more about how ConceptDrop can help create a wide range of high-quality projects on demand for you.

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