Learn About The Types Of Graphic Design For Your Business [Part 2]

In our previous part, we presented the different types of graphic design. We also share graphic designs example to give you some of what designers can create for your business.

Graphic designers can help your business through their knowledge and skills. With the help of designers, you can promote your products to gain a lot of consumers, and their designs can attract more potential partners or consumers.

Additional Different Types Of Graphic Design For Your Business

1. Motion Graphic Design

Animated graphics are motion graphics. Consider it the modern-day equivalent of outdated PowerPoint transitions and animations. Material, like internet advertisements, can be given life with the help of motion graphics.

Motion graphic design is what you need, whether you want a social media post with a revolving pie chart or an animated walkthrough of a new program. Motion graphics have become more popular among brands to stand out online.

The motion graphic design example:

  • Animated Typography
  • Simple GIFs
  • Animated Lookbooks
  • Animated Infographics

2. Environmental Graphic Design

Interior and architectural design have a significant impact on environmental graphic design. Designers edify the actual use of space by building things and adding aesthetic components.

Wayfinding systems are an essential component of environmental graphic design. These contain notices that inform individuals about their surroundings. They could be labels for the elevator buttons, room numbers on doors, or restroom directions. 

Moreover, experiential design is often known as branded environmental graphic design. This places a brand’s components in a real-world setting, much like a trade show.

The environmental graphic designs example:

  • Branded Wall Art
  • Trade Show Booths
  • Wayfinding Signs
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Art Installations
graphic designers working together

3. Presentation Graphic Design

At least once, each of us have engaged in it. Some believe that since making presentations is a part of academic and professional life, everyone thinks they are experts. You need to work with a presentation designer whenever the stakes have become too high. 

Genuinely engaging presentations give speakers a chance to stand out while reiterating their points in a concise and concentrated manner. Not only are PowerPoint and KeyNote familiar to a presentation designer.

The presentation graphic designs example:

  • Educational Presentation
  • Branding Deck
  • Pitch Deck
  • Motivational Presentation

4. Illustration Graphic Design

Illustrations are unique visuals frequently used to illustrate ideas or tell stories. Vector images, traditional drawings, and freehand digital drawings can all be used as illustrations. Never mistake illustrations for photographs. 

Graphic designers frequently use illustrations to convey a unique visual statement properly. Graphics usually improve brand recognition or distinguish business products.

The illustration graphic designs example:

  • Book Covers
  • Logos
  • Posters
  • Mascots

5. Graphic Design For Print

The same principles apply when designing screens as they do for printing. The actual act of using ink to paper is a very different ball game and design process. To achieve the best possible outcomes, designers need to have a solid understanding of color profiles, standards for typography, and the required minimum picture resolutions.

The print for graphic designs example:

  • Coffee Table Books
  • Signage
  • Packaging
  • Wall Art


Finally, you now know the different types of graphic design to search for, and you can choose the best partner to help with your design process.

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