National Small Business Week

It’s National Small Business Week!

At ConceptDrop, we enjoy collaborating with companies of all sizes, across a variety of industries, to create exceptional design and copywriting materials. These companies range from small organizations and startups to large corporations like Orbitz, Patron Spirits, and Mars. However, in honor of this week-long “holiday”, we’re highlighting a handful of projects our ConceptDrop freelancers have created for small businesses.

Pilates Metrics

Pilates Metrics is an app that improves the experience for both pilates instructors and their clients. The platform stores client history provides a library of exercises, tracks metrics, and other great features. This small, but growing, business already has new products coming soon.

A ConceptDrop designer created this presentation for Pilates Metrics early on in their startup stage, as well as other informative decks since.

Event Farm

Event Farm is a small tech company based in Santa Monica, CA, with a new office in Washington, DC. This company creates software that streamlines event marketing. Their innovative platform eases the stress of sending digital invitations, guest registration, gathering attendance metrics, and more.

This small biz has used ConceptDrop to create a variety of marketing and sales collateral, including the project below. As you can see, their ConceptDrop designer was able to create a visually engaging flyer that clearly communicated the benefits of their services.

Flambeaux Wine

This family-owned vineyard in Sonoma County, California is known for their exquisite Cabernet Sauvignon. The Murray family themselves attend to the vineyard and produce its very special wine.

In 2017, Flambeaux Wine commissioned ConceptDrop to create this tri-fold brochure to promote the vineyard. The President of the company was overly pleased with the outcome of this project, saying their designer created, “Excellent work, [was] very responsive, and handled revisions seamlessly.”


ReturnRunners is a startup based in Chicago, IL, tackling the dreading chore of making in-store returns. Rather than making returns yourself, the app will find a local Runner who will take care of your unwanted merchandise for you.

This small business has partnered with ConceptDrop to create a variety of materials, from trade show banners to presentations and flyers.


This software company based in Atlanta, Georgia, alleviates the frustrations that come with the process of hiring. “Based on voice analytics from candidate responses, Audiolytics determines a clear recommendation of candidate’s fit for specific roles within an organization,” explains Paul Noone, CEO. This small biz was recognized as one of the Top 25 Machine Learning Companies in 2018.

HireIQ has benefited from our designers’ expertise in specific categories like presentations and infographics. Check out this stunning infographic that captures heavy data to tell the powerful story of their innovative SaaS platform.

Are you part of a small business that could benefit from an on-demand marketplace like ConceptDrop? We understand that having a full-time designer on staff can be costly and finding world-class talent is challenging. Upload your projects to our platform on a needed basis and our matching technology will pair you with your personal freelancer in just minutes. Our designers and copywriters are excited to work with you.

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