Tactics On How To Outsource Creative Services [Part 2]

Let’s continue discussing how outsourcing can significantly impact your business. 

In the first part, we discussed the five key areas of outsourcing services. So now, we will show you the six additional key areas of outsourcing services.

How To Outsource Creative Services

Here are some common tasks that you can outsource to freelancers to save you time and energy:

1. Blog Posts

If you’re not a natural writer or experiencing writer’s block, consider hiring guest bloggers or contributors to write for your site. 

You can find opportunities through websites like MyGuestBlog.com or Facebook groups. When you find someone who provides valuable insights to your audience, reach out to them.

2. Graphics

Making your graphics is simple with tools like Canva, only if you have the time. But considering hiring a graphic designer is a good idea if you want to truly personalize the graphics for your blog posts, websites, and social media accounts. 

Additionally, you may hire a virtual assistant to develop fresh templated graphics in line with your brand’s style. This will probably save you time and allow you to focus on other business areas.

3. Copywriting

Although it may appear simple work, copywriting can be a heavy burden for some people. It can take ages to write all the material for your website appealingly and interestingly. 

Do you experience sitting in front of your computer screen and gazing at it, wishing that your fingers would start to type something incredibly catchy? Hiring a wordsmith to ensure your ideas are clear and effectively presented is worthwhile for online content, email templates, and newsletter campaigns. If copywriting is time-consuming, eliminating it will make a big difference.

two people working together in creative outsourcing services

4. Social Media Management

Managing social media takes time. It takes a lot of organization to write a clever caption, edit your photographs, and schedule everything to be active. 

A freelancer or digital agency that specializes in strategy can save you time. Having someone plan all your posts, join groups and pods, and manage your material makes a big difference.

5. Video Content

A video can take a whole day to edit, not counting the time it takes to shoot. Checking that everything is in its place, selecting the best transition, and choosing which tune you should choose. 

Editing your content can be so confusing. Advantageously, a freelance video editor can take care of some of your workloads. Hire one if you don’t have time or detest your video after hours of editing. Your videos will be done in half the time and with no headache at all.

6. Everything Else You Hate Doing

A piece of advice: if it pains your ass, stop doing it. It won’t make you happy and will consume too much time.

Additionally, suppose you don’t enjoy doing it. In that case, it won’t be sustainable and might become a source of resentment. 

Find someone more skilled in what you hate, and outsource it if it is essential to your business. Your business will eventually gain from your higher level of happiness.

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