The Effectiveness of Video Ads Over Image Ads

Video has developed into an excellent tool for advertising your business, engaging your audience, and communicating your message effectively. On the other hand, some companies have chosen to remain with image advertising.

Below, we can determine that video ads are more effective than image ads through the effectiveness of video ads and image ads in some social media channels. In addition, we also share some essential tips if you want to have successful video ads.

Are Video Ads More Effective Over Image Ads?

Marketing professionals may use video to boost traffic and dwell time, present a better product or service image, create new leads, etc.

So here are some advantages of video ads over image ads:

  • Video content is engaging, particularly on social media. You can only go through your feed if you see a tutorial or challenge. Video advertising is rising, so we can say it’s here to remain.
  • Video can develop customer trust, which is excellent for promoting your brand. It helps you connect with your audience more effectively. If your audience knows your brand, they’ll buy from and collaborate with you.
  • Videos are more effective at communicating information than still photos. Videos may convey a great deal of knowledge and engage customers. You can answer viewers’ questions with video ads.
people working on video ads using their equipment

Video Ads vs. Image Ads Effectiveness On Google

For advertisers, Google Ads is a veritable golden opportunity. It includes enormous websites like YouTube and millions of other websites. Image ads help build brand awareness. However, video ads often have a greater conversion rate than different sorts of content, mainly if they are interactive.

Video Ads vs. Image Ads Effectiveness On Facebook

Facebook prefers video ads, and they function effectively. Facebook Watch, Live, and Stories are video-focused. Video ads reached 30% more people than image ads. Videos generate three times as many leads as images and can get roughly five times as many clicks.

Video Ads vs. Image Ads Effectiveness On Instagram

On Instagram, videos perform more effectively than their organic and sponsored image counterparts. More particular, Instagram video advertising drive three times more user interaction. This is similar to how organic image posts receive about 40% more comments and likes than organic video ones.

The Essential Tips That Help You Make Successful Video Ads

  • Focusing On The First Few Seconds – If you don’t attract a viewer’s attention in the first few seconds, they’ll likely click away.
  • Make It Short And Clear – You don’t need to include details about your business history in the advertisement.
  • Provide Value To Viewers – You should explain why they need it and how it can improve their lives.
  • Be Memorable – Your audience should remember your advertisement long after seeing it. Use common fallacies to stand out.
  • Put A Call To Action – Prompt the audience to take action with a video CTA, such as clicking a link, calling customer service, or buying a product.


Video ads and image ads are effective for advertising your business. If you need help with creating video and graphic images for your ads, feel free to send us a message.

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