The Statistics You Should Not Miss About Video Marketing [Part 2]

In the first part, we’ve shared what video marketing is and the first ten statistics you can consider if you want to create online video marketing in your business.

In part 2, we will give you ten additional statistics about video marketing that you can learn and use in the online video marketing that you want to conduct for your business.

The Additional 10 Video Marketing Statistics

1. According to another widely criticized Cisco prediction, LIVE video would make up 17% of all internet traffic in 2022.

2. Brand awareness was increased through video ads, the most popular way for consumers to discover and purchase from a business.

3. Within the next five years, the market for video streaming is anticipated to exceed 184 billion dollars.

4. Emails that include videos receive a click-through rate 300 percent greater than emails that do not have videos.

5. A recent estimate indicates that the number of daily live streams on YouTube has climbed by 54% since 2020.

6. 58% of users have reported that they have had a greater interest in a company or product after seeing it featured on Instagram Stories.

7. The use of mobile devices to watch videos accounts for more than 75 percent of all video views.

8. Compared to users of other platforms, LinkedIn users are twenty times more likely to share videos than they are different sorts of material.

9. It is anticipated that by 2022, people who use the internet will watch one million videos every second.

10. Most video marketers (83%) believe that incorporating video into their marketing strategy has helped increase visitors’ time with their site.

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Is It Time To Concentrate On Video In Light Of These Compelling Video Marketing Statistics?

The use of video content in marketing has been around for a long time. Still, it has only recently seen a resurgence because of video marketers. Not long ago, video content was the sole purview of movie theaters and television studios, as it was prohibitively expensive for most companies to acquire and utilize. 

On the other hand, video communication with customers is now more accessible than ever because of the proliferation of the internet and smartphone technology. Everyone can do video marketing, which is becoming an increasingly effective tool.

Even though it should be just one of many tools in your marketing toolbox, it has the potential to be of great assistance to your company in expanding its customer base and finding new customers.


If you want to boost your audience and gain more attention, incorporating online video marketing into your overall marketing plan is a great way to do both. Online video marketing is especially true for your social media marketing approach.

Always remember that people nowadays love and enjoy watching videos online. Communicating everything you want to say at once via video is impossible. You can depend on the fact that the reader will remain interested in your content for a sufficient amount of time to enable them to take in the whole of your message.

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