The Simplest Way To Create Marketing Assets For Small Marketing Teams

The Challenge

One of the most common use cases we see on our marketplace is marketers on small or one-person teams.

Often times they have too much on their plates, so it’s crucial they can rely on an ultra-efficient solution that prioritizes their design requests. 

One of our customers, a Director of Marketing at an EMR software company, simply doesn’t have the bandwidth to personally create assets like one-pagers. 

Instead, she turns to ConceptDrop, which helps her focus on the most important part of the request: the content. 

The Solution

All she needs to do is log into her ConceptDrop account and submit a request for a one-pager. 

Typically, it takes her 5 minutes to get everything together and submit her request. 

From there, she is usually matched with one of ConceptDrop’s freelancers within an hour. 

In her experience, “…communication is streamlined and easy. I like having the reference in the project so if you have to go look back at something you sent or received it is all right there.” 

She elaborates… “Generally, I only have small tweaks after the initial draft is reviewed. Most of my projects are completed after the first round of revisions. I have had a project that was approved on the first draft.”

How It Works

Click the video below to view how easy it is to a project with ConceptDrop. 

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