The Simplest Way To Create Marketing Assets For Enterprise Marketing Teams

The Challenge

One of the most common use cases we see on our marketplace relates to marketers at enterprise-level companies. It’s actually very common for these marketers to already have resources for graphic design related requests. 

What we often see, though, are challenges to create marketing assets because their current resources are overwhelmed.

As a result, common outcomes include:

  1. Delaying the project 
  2. Spending a lot of their own time creating the assets

Both situations are less than optimal because they take away valuable time from their core competencies. 

Luckily, they’ve found ConceptDrop. Which proves to be an ultra-efficient solution that prioritizes their design requests in an entirely private manner. 

To highlight this challenge in a real way, let’s take a look at one of our customers. She’s a Demand Generation Marketing Manager at an Enterprise SaaS company and often gets turned away from their internal creative services team due to weeks worth of backlog. 

The Solution

When the need for a project like a new customer story arises, she works with her team to craft the right content. 

Once she has the right content, all she needs to do is submit a request for white paper design with ConceptDrop. Typically, it takes 5 minutes to get everything together and submit her request. 

The 5 minutes it takes to gather content and submit with ConceptDrop is a “Godsend” compared to other marketplaces where anyone could easily spend hours looking for the qualified freelancer. Not to mention the day or two it might take her to design herself. 

After submitting, we can expect to be introduced to a designer she’s had a great experience with in the past in 40 minutes or less. 

She knows she can check in with her designer at any time of the day with ConceptDrop’s messaging platform and has peace of mind knowing 2 free hours of revision time are included with her project.

The end result? Brand-compliant material in her inbox in as little as 24 hours.

How It Works

Check out the video below to view how easy it is to create customer stories and more. 

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