Three Ways To Benefit From Our On-Demand Service

It’s difficult to imagine life without on-demand services we’ve learned to rely on daily. When was the last time you got in a taxi instead of calling for an Uber or Lyft? Could you imagine life without companies like Shipt that deliver groceries to your doorstep with the click of a button?

The rapid growth of on-demand economies is a clear demonstration that people are attracted to the experience, convenience, and time-saving aspect of these services, which are often more simple and affordable over traditional methods.

Nowadays, companies and employers are looking for these kinds of advantages with their daily work tasks, particularly in graphic design and marketing. Employees often don’t have the skill set, resources, or time for design. Wouldn’t it be great if instead of spending all night crafting a PowerPoint, you could send a quick request for a presentation design and have your final project emailed directly to you by morning? With ConceptDrop, you can.

ConceptDrop is an on-demand service that connects clients with prescreened, vetted, creative freelancers. Receiving on-demand graphic design and copywriting has never been easier and here’s what you can expect:

Save Time: Our technology takes all the work out of your hands and into ours. No longer spend time finding freelancers, sorting through designer applications, or contests. Simply submit a project request and get paired up with an elite, creative professional within two hours or less. Our matchmaking technology uses a data-driven algorithm, making decisions based on designer skill sets and time zones to ensure that you are paired with the best fitting designer for your project.

ConceptDrop also offers next day delivery. Need a PowerPoint by 8:00 am tomorrow? No sweat. We’ll find a professional designer who can work on your project so you can focus on other pressing tasks.

First-class Experience: From sending your request to receiving your final design, you can expect a swift, stress-free experience. Once your project is submitted, you will receive a welcome email from your freelancer, who you are welcome to communicate with as much as needed on our platform and via email. Our creative professionals will ask for your input on drafts throughout the process and incorporate your feedback into the final design. In addition, our client success team is here throughout your entire experience.

Accountability: It can be difficult to find a designer willing to work on weekends or holidays. ConceptDrop is available to you anytime, any day. We work with a pool of talented freelancers and have coverage across numerous time zones. After a project is completed, you can rate your designer/experience. Let us know how your experience was, what you liked or even didn’t like. This feedback allows us to capitalize on what’s working or improve upon what’s not; making the process even smoother the next time around. 

Count on ConceptDrop to provide an easy, enjoyable, and time-saving experience every time.

Ready to get started? Simply submit your project here.

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