The Truth Behind Misconceptions About Graphic Design

Today, about a century and a half after it was first practiced, graphic design has developed into one of the most critical components influencing a business’s marketing and branding successes.

Nevertheless, despite being around for a significant amount of time, there are widespread misconceptions regarding graphic design within the business.

For years, graphic design applications have changed to fit new technology and user behavior. However, graphic design urban legends tarnish the image of sophisticated art.

Now that we’ve gotten that out let’s speak about some common misconceptions about graphic design that require immediate clearing.

The Truth Behind Misconceptions About Graphic Design

Misconception #1: It’s All Just About Creating A Logo Design

Yes, one of the critical steps in professional graphic design is the creation of logos. However, establishing a logo is only one aspect of graphic design. Any brand’s logo serves as its relatable face to the intended market. Thus, a professional graphic designer must do it. However, logo design is simply one aspect of graphic design, and this misconception must be dispelled.

Misconception #2: It Is Only For Printing Or Offline Mediums

Graphic design is not confined to print. Graphic design is used more on digital platforms than print mediums since the world has almost totally digitalized in the previous decade. Website, social media, video, email, and other graphic design examples refute this misconception.

Misconception #3: It’s Only To Make Things Look Pretty

Indeed, one of the pillars of graphic design is aesthetics. However, the goal for which corporations use graphic design is different. Graphic design creates visual content to tell a brand’s story. Designs must be structured to succeed. Design beauty helps attract customers.

hand holding a cup of coffee while working on graphic design

Misconception #4: Graphic Design Has To Be Trendy

A key component of effective branding for a business is staying current with trends. Professional graphic design is not that. Simply following the latest trends to build original graphic designs for your organization will limit your brand’s lifespan. It may also make your brand look like your competitors’, destroying its identity.

Misconception #5: You Don’t Need To Set A Budget For It

One of the most common misconceptions about graphic design is this one. Today, effective branding and marketing for any organization require graphic design. Only skilled designers realize the importance of well-designed visuals. Setting a budget for your business’s graphic design is crucial.

Misconception #6: You Have To Be Born Creative To Be A Graphic Design

Yes, it’s undeniable that some designers are naturally talented artists with a passion for creativity. That doesn’t mean you must be naturally creative to create or work in graphic design. Graphic design can be taught.

Misconception #7: Graphic Designers Know Everything

This graphic design misconception buster is for clients who assume designers know everything and require no feedback. To succeed, the designer and client must communicate clearly. Customers must explicitly communicate their collaborative goals. An in-depth brief and two-way communication will guarantee that the concept is shared.


So, these are the most graphic design misconceptions that must correct. If left unchecked, these misconceptions can have serious consequences.

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