What is a Style Guide?

Style guides, often fifty or more pages, are extremely long and tedious to read. While they are meant to save time and resources by providing instant answers about a preferred style, their lengthy details can be overwhelming to navigate. However, it is essential for any employee to strictly follow a company’s style guide in order to effectively integrate and reflect their organization’s brand image; the visual material employees create and deliver represents the corporation as a whole, the design presence, and the product or service.

Often times, employees within a company do not have the time or proper education that is required to fully understand a complex style guide. With numerous employees pushing out vast amounts of visual material for public consumption, is it crucial that the brand identity is properly reflected across all areas. When numerous contributors are constantly pushing out new material, it becomes difficult to ensure that each is following the style guide and properly reflecting the brand identity.

Frequently, employees who are designing presentations do not properly adhere to style guide regulations. Deviating from the style guide may cause someone else from the company to have to step in and edit the presentation in order to reflect the brand properly. If unedited, diverging from the brand identity can cause consumers to lose trust and confidence in the brand.

Additionally, not strictly following a style guide leaves many companies with misguided visions of their brand. How is a company able to protect their brand and ensure their company’s vision is consistently communicated to customers across the globe?

With Quick2LAUNCH, companies can integrate their style guide into every presentation through brand-compliant templates. Companies upload templates into the platform, ensuring that every presentation has the proper foundation to consistently reflect the brand across all design elements.

Companies can upload as many different templates as they choose to the platform. Uploading different styles of templates, i.e. a template dependent on a specific group of function of the company, gives the company’s users easy access to a variety of designs for presentations with different purposes.

Quick2LAUNCH can also design and upload brand-customized templates for a company. A company’s users can access these templates in the template archive at any time, and use them as the foundation to create presentations infinitely. Quick2LAUNCH’s design templates are specifically aligned with a company’s style guide and are approved by the client’s marketing department.

Quick2LAUNCH’s template archive saves users time, creates brand cohesion, and dismisses the hassle of scrolling through the style guide when designing slides for a presentation. The platform gives users design options, but ensures the brand is consistently reflected even when produced by disparate voices. Incorporating style guides into pre-approved templates gain an audiences’ trust and lays the foundations for consistent brand content to be created.


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