How To Make An Instructional Video: The Detailed Guide [Part 1]

What do you do if you’re looking to learn something new? Very likely, you look for videos. You’re not alone, either. Despite your profession, instructional videos are the most excellent distribution method if you’re concerned about teaching others and expanding your business.

We will show you some vital information about how to make an instructional video and some instructional video ideas you may consider.

How To Make An Instructional Video: The Detailed Guide

What Is An Instructional Video?

A video can be instructive if it exhibits a process, imparts knowledge, clarifies an idea, or demonstrates how to accomplish something.

Instructional design experts aren’t the only ones who can make instructional videos. Creating instructional videos is something everyone in any sector can do and probably should.

Types Of Instructional Video Ideas

The most typical types of instructional videos include the following:

1. Microvideos

Microvideos are short instructional videos focusing on teaching a specific subject.

2. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos, sometimes known as “how-to” videos, are preferred to contribute constructively to demonstrating a procedure or providing step-by-step instructions.

3. Training Videos

Training videos are made to help employees become more proficient in the field. They frequently feature actual individuals to help the trainer and learner interact.

4. Explainer Videos

This explains a business concept or product in an engaging, visual style. Typically succinct, they aid with the simplification of complicated concepts.

5. Recording A Lecture Or Presentation

These videos typically last lengthier than tutorial videos and require more time from your audience.

6. Screencasts

Screencasts are quick, informal videos mostly made up of screen recordings and are used to convey knowledge or instruct others on completing a task.

You can see that instructional videos have several names, but they all serve the same purpose. An instructional video, in contrast to other types of video, teaches. Your primary goal is for your audience to understand and learn what you’re teaching them, even though you don’t want your videos to be dull.

female making a tutorial video

The Common Mistakes When Creating Instructional Videos

Here are some common errors when creating instructional videos:

1. Not Knowing Your Audience

A helpful video is impossible without knowing your audience. Knowing who you’re helping will inform video decisions.

Broad information is helpful, but considering a specific person who symbolizes your audience—what the actual problems are, what they enjoy and doesn’t like—will help you build a more focused and thorough video.

2. Trying To Make Your Video Perfect

People stress about making their videos perfect far too frequently. 

Keep in mind that perfection is an illusion. Starting with perfection in mind might stifle creativity and make it difficult to move on.

Always remember that creating instructional videos aims to teach, not produce, a perfect result.

3. Worrying Too Much About The Equipment

Feeling overwhelmed and lacking the resources necessary to produce high-caliber videos is simple.

It’s enjoyable to have the newest and best equipment, but it’s not necessary. Before you begin to enhance your tools learn the fundamentals.

Note also that choosing the best program for screen capture and video editing can be overwhelming if you’ve never created an instructional video.

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