PowerPoint Usage

Despite a proliferation of competing presentation software, the world’s population has seen computer access markedly grow over the last decade. Increased computer access, coupled with an infusion of technology in classroom settings, makes the 30 million number seem pretty archaic today.

To underscore this point, just take a look at how computer access changed in the US in recent years. [Source]

Household Computer and Internet Use


4. 350 PowerPoint Presentations are given every second[Source] 

5. As of 2012, PowerPoint still holds more than 95% of the PowerPoint market. [Source]

What does this tell us?

While “Death to PowerPoint” has become a popular line, it is still the world’s most prevalent and relied upon presentation software. When used correctly, PowerPoint can serve as a visual aid that reinforces the speakers’ main points. Far too many people use PowerPoint as a crutch. Putting your entire speech on slides is a poor substitute for practice and preparation.




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