Awesome Tips To Improve Drone Videos [Part 2] More Tips To Create Better Content

Awesome Tips To Improve Drone Videos [Part 1] presented some amazing tips on improving your drone videos from the moment you begin filming.

In this second part, let’s continue to help you enhance your knowledge of filming drone videos.

Before we begin, you must remember that a drone is no different from other photography equipment because every photographer knows the importance of getting high-quality footage.

The ability to capture images from differing perspectives. which have been previously impractical for cameras on the ground, making drone videos and photos unique.

So here are the other incredible tips on how to improve your drone videos:

Change Your Gimbal Sensitivity.

How quickly the gimbal pitch speed moves might be one of the first things you observe while filming with your drone. A high sensitivity setting for their gimbals is pre-installed by default on DJI drones.

You can adjust the gimbal pitch rate and softness in the Advanced Settings on a DJI drone to change the gimbal sensitivity. Explore the settings to find the smoothness that suits you, but remember that anything improves over the hurried default settings.

Know Where to Fly Using AirMap

Nothing is more frustrating than coming somewhere to fly your drone only to discover it is a no-fly zone. There are mobile apps, such as the AirMap app, that provide an easy-to-view map of all flight restrictions, such as airports, schools, prisons, and other places.

Just be sure to keep updating your drone for the most recent restrictions. Be mindful of all posted guidelines when you arrive at a location because there may be areas where flying a drone is prohibited.

man holding drone taking videos

Enable Overexposure Warning

Allowing the overexposure warning in the settings would also help identify overexposure since it is challenging to recover detail from an overexposed shot. With this setting activated, overexposed areas will display a zebra pattern. Thanks to this, you can quickly tell when you are overexposing a snap.

Enable Grid Lines

You may also try to align your shots using the rule of thirds if you allow the grid lines in the settings. You can select from various grids to overlay your video for most drones. You can also activate a center pointer, which aids in keeping objects in the center of the frame.

Shoot Using Cinematic Mode

Utilizing Cinematic Mode can result in smoother videos once you have a general idea of what you’re shooting. The yaw speed is reduced in cinematic mode, and the braking distance is increased. This may appear as one of the most apparent drone filming tips, but it took several months to realize it existed.

Start practicing our awesome tips; you will be shooting drone videos like a pro and making creative and enjoyable videos to share with the world. Always remember the journey is amazing, so what are you waiting for? Try to fly more!

And if you need help in achieving amazing video content for your brand or even for personal use, we are here to help!

Just send us a message or leave a comment below to know more.

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