The Essential Facts About Press Release [Part 2]

In [Part 1], we’ve presented some essential facts about press release, given a concise answer about why press release is important, and shared the seven reasons for creating a press release.

Now, we will discuss how press release works and determine the types and characteristics of press release.

How Do Press Releases Work?

Media outlets and journalists constantly search for fresh, interesting news to share with their viewers.

Press releases give journalists all the information they require in one location, which makes it easier for them to find these stories.

Here is a sample of how a press release might be used:

  • A business launches a CSR initiative and seeks media attention to support it.
  • The marketing department writes and sends a press release promoting the initiative to media outlets.
  • After reading the press release, a journalist at one of these outlets determines it would make a good story.
  • The journalist contacts the business to request more details and an interview.
  • The journalist then creates and posts a story on the company’s website regarding its CSR program.
  • The article aids in free brand equity development for the business and awareness raising for the effort.
a laptop and some press release writing tools

The Types Of Press Releases

Numerous press releases exist. A press release can announce any business progress, event, product launch, new service, etc. However, specific press releases are used more than others.

1. Event Press Release: A press release like this raises awareness, attendance, and media coverage.

2. Product Launch Press Release: These are excellent approaches to attracting media publicity and building excitement around a new product.

3. Business Launch Press Release: A press release like this showcases the project team and their offerings to attract media attention and investors.

4. Merger & Acquisition Press Release: Its release can affect the company’s share price and image.

5. Rebranding: It announces name, logo, or brand identity changes. A press release announces the change and garners media attention.

6. Financial Results Press Release: Quarterly or annual financial results are announced in a press release. Financial results news releases seek media coverage and investor interest.

7. New Hire Or Expert Hire Press Release: This often makes the company talk about the industry and may help them get positive media coverage.

8. Partnership Release: This press release informs the public about new interests and attracts media coverage and possible consumers and workers.

9. Awards Press Release: The awards press release attempts to enhance brand equity and industry authority.

The Characteristics Of Press Releases

Press releases are newsworthy and garner media attention. Press releases have these characteristics:

  • Press releases are newsworthy when they interest the media and their audience.
  • Press releases are timeliness when they are distributed at a time when they are relevant and exciting to the media and their audience.
  • Relevance shows that the press release addresses a topic that will interest the media outlet’s audience.
  • The press release has excellent grammar and is error-free. It contains pertinent information and is clear, concise, and to the point.
  • The press release adheres to the standard format and includes all the necessary information.
  • The press release contains truthful information. It doesn’t give inaccurate or misleading information.

Be ready in [Part 3] if you want additional details about press release.

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