Design Tips For Including Pastel Colors In Your Marketing

The subdued colors that pastels provide are their greatest strength. You feel instantly at ease after just one glance. 

Because of their calming qualities, these colors may also conjure up images of various natural phenomena, such as a charming sunset sky.

Colors hold an unquestionably dominant position in marketing. 84% of consumers use color as a decisive element when making purchases.

What Do Pastel Colors Mean?

The primary colors have been diluted to create pastel colors. The six fundamental colors—red, blue, yellow, green, orange, and purple—in milder tones can be combined to create a wide range of pastel colors.

Tints are created by combining white with solid colors. Pastels should be white but retain their color. As a result, the distinctions and contrasts between the colors are maintained in solid colors.

The Benefits Of Using Pastel Colors In Graphic Design

  • The use of pastels is unobtrusive.
  • Pastel colors are cheerful.
  • Pastels can be utilized for purposes other than marketing design.
  • Monochromatic designs look nice in pastel colors.
  • A harmonious palette is created by using pastels.
  • Pastel colors are seen as delicate.
  • Pastel colors are versatile.

image of pastel colors

Design Tips For Including Pastel Colors In Your Marketing

Here are some pastel colors design tips you might consider, along with the hex code, if you are having problems choosing colors for your marketing:

  • Sky Blue (#87CEEB): Since this color is present in nature, you can use it to market eco-friendly products.
  • Pistachio Green (#93C572): It soothes the sight and works well for a business that emphasizes nature or organic products.
  • Canary Yellow (#FFFF8F): Canary works to capture the joy of yellow while keeping the visual tone low.
  • Salmon (#FA8072): Salmon’s cheerful aspect balances red and orange’s liveliness.
  • Mauve (#E0B0FF): Mauve is more prominent over lavender yet still luxurious.
  • Rose Quartz (#F7CACA): The Pantone Color in 2016.
  • Serenity (#95AAD3): It can convey blue’s trust.

Branding Using Pastel Colors

1. Logo Design

Pastels, especially soft pinks, are feminine. That’s why it’s in women’s fashion, skincare, and beauty brand logos.

2. Brochures

In brochures with lots of text and images, accent colors should be soothing. Pastels in brochures provide color-based sections and visual distinction without distracting readers.

3. Packaging

Packaging shows customers what to expect. Colors matter in packaging design. They trigger your product’s emotions when appropriately used. Aromatherapy, relaxing skincare, and more can be packaged in pastels.

4. Video Design

The use of pastel colors makes the entire design seem inviting, which makes it simpler to watch the whole video and take in its message.

5. Social Media

Working with pastel colors is excellent. These colors catch the eye even amid a vibrant feed, causing your customers to pause their scrolling and take notice of your post or advertisement.


Contrast is present in pastel colors; pastel colors always stay in style. Pastel colors may be utilized in various ways, especially in marketing, and the effects can convey a wide range of emotions. But despite all of this, you also need to make sure that the essential point is made clear.

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