The Best Animation Tips And Tricks [Part 2]

Creating animation is a complex process yet an important tool in a business.

It enables brands to convey tales and express emotions and ideas in a distinctive, simple-to-understand manner that both young children and adults can comprehend.

In the first part, we’ve shared some of the best animation tips and tricks you can follow to enhance your skill, and now, we’re gonna talk about more techniques to help you.

 Observe Natural Flow

It might be challenging at times to get any element that is following the character to flow naturally (for instance, a tail). The element’s base and root may be joined, but the motion must still flow as a wave. Animating the base and then the remaining joints are one approach to achieve this. After that, each frame must be edited to create a wave-like movement.

Watch Real People in Action

To learn how real-life characters interact with one another, express themselves, and move around, animators must closely study these individuals. 

In addition, it is essential to research the weight and timing of real-world characters. 

As a result, emotions will be better expressed and the animation will appear more realistic.

woman using laptop to create animations

Record A Video

It is best to record yourself on camera making the same movements to truly understand how a character should move. 

You’ll get clips from acting out the full sequence on your own that will help you decide where to start your animation. 

An additional advantage of doing this is that it will always be possible to pause, rewind, and play the motions in slow motion, preventing the animators from missing any crucial expressions that would otherwise have been lost.

Create Key Poses

To save time, animators must work in layers as they animate the characters. 

Quick poses at particular frames in the first layer are necessary to provide a stronger sense of timing. 

There will always be time to go back and make the poses even better once this is finished.

Normal Speech Feature

It is not required to form every letter of the word being spoken while animating a character. 

As a result, the mouth may move too quickly and appear irregular. 

Any character’s normal speech features a more natural and all-encompassing flow through the sentence.

Maintain Rig In Its Basic Form

It takes more than just the animator’s skill to animate a straightforward 3D scene. Most effects are greatly influenced by the setup being used. The rig should be modified by the animator’s specifications. 

The equipment that enables animators to stimulate the characters is among the most efficient. However, it’s crucial to maintain the animator’s rig in its most basic form.

Balance The Character

We learn early on that it takes a lot of strength to maintain our balance. 

We learn to change our center of gravity with every stride we take. 

One of the most important aspects of animation, this factor needs to be considered even when animating characters. 

To stay balanced, it’s imperative in both real life and animation to shift one’s center of gravity.

Utilize Basic Model

Working with a less complex proxy model is preferable to using one with high resolution. 

Working on it in viewport all the time might put a ton of load on your computer and can slow down the entire process. This is one of the best animation tips and tricks for enhancing the caliber of character animation and 3D animation abilities.

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