The Statistics You Should Not Miss About Video Marketing [Part 1]

The video marketing industry is quickly evolving. As a result, more people currently see videos than ever because of their rising popularity. Internet users are providing businesses and marketers massive data to comb through as they determine what kind of video content customers desire.

Some businesses use online video marketing to excite and engage customers with their business narrative. A significant number of companies are currently engaging in this practice, particularly making use of video during conferences and trade exhibits.

Creating video content is the answer if you aim to boost brand exposure and personal interactions with your customers.

So in this part, we will talk about what video marketing is and what are the first ten statistics about video marketing that you cannot miss for the upcoming year.

What Is Video Marketing?

When you use video for marketing, you are promoting a brand, product, or service, as well as a message, through a video format that is incorporated into your marketing plan. Your audience will receive more value from the education you provide, which also helps to enhance interaction across social and digital media. So, there’s no doubt that a successful video marketing campaign will completely transform your business.

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The 10 Video Marketing Statistics

These statistics about video marketing for the upcoming year will provide you with lots of inspiration and ideas to consider if you are looking for market research or thoughts on how to use online video marketing in your business:

1. According to Apple, the most popular app of the year, TikTok, was also the most downloaded in 2021.

2. Eighty percent of customers are interested in watching more films produced by businesses.

3. YouTube has just eclipsed Facebook as the most popular platform for influencing the actions of consumers.

4. 82 percent of all internet traffic in 2022 will come from downloading and streaming videos.

5. The value of the video marketing sector in the United States alone is estimated to be 135 billion dollars.

6. When compared to reading the written text, video is favored by eighty percent of people.

7. The majority of firms, approximately 87%, are already embracing video as a marketing outlet, making video the most popular marketing medium for organizations.

8. A recent study found that over 80% of marketers that used video as a marketing technique successfully increased the number of leads they generated.

9. In response to a poll, 41% of people claimed that videos cut down on support calls.

10. A minimum of 88% of marketers expressed satisfaction with their online video ROI.

We hope this have you an idea of what to consider in making online video marketing and how the content becomes effective in the upcoming year.

Watch out for the next part: The Statistics You Cannot Miss About Video Marketing [Part 2] if you want more market research or ideas on using online video marketing for your business and additional statistics about video marketing.

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